• Mix Starter Oca Bianca Style
  • Culatello ham from Zibello with téte de moine cheese
  • Beef carpaccio with rocket salad sause and parmesan cheese
  • Pork loin with tuna fish cream and cappers from Pantelleria
  • Basil flan with parmesan cheese cream and toast pine nuts

First Courses

  • Blueberry’s Tagliolini with Pesto sauce , Robiola cheese spume and roast pinuts
  • Carbonara’s Tagliatelle with duck breast
  • Homemade Big Ravioli with Angus beef ragù
  • Pumpkin Tortelli with blue-cheese cream , asparagus and duck breast powder
  • Risotto “Oca Bianca” style with safron and smked goose breast
  • Minestrone vegetables soup genoese style

Second Courses

  • Sliced Zebra in Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Lamb chops with mustard pistacchio crumbs and Gorgonzola cheese
  • Foie gras escalope with Tropea onion
  • Ostrich fillet with soft Mustard sauce à l’Ancienne
  • Duck breast in orange sauce flambéed at the Grand Marnier
  • Cheese selection
  • Angus beef fillet Oca Bianca style mith mustard sauce
  • Rossini fillet with black truffle , madeira sause and foie gras escalope
  • Angus beef fillet in crispy culatello and Gorgonzola cheese cream
  • Angus beef fillet in pastry Wellington style Filet de Angus en croùte à la wellington
  • Chateaubriant with our Bernese sauces
  • T-bone steak “Fiorentina” with sauce bernese


  • Chocolate sufflè with english vanilla cream
    Fillo pastry with apple and cinnemon
  • Oca Bianca tiramisù with cantucci biscuits and chocolate
  • Tiramisù à la facòn de l’Oca Bianca avec cantucci et chocolat
  • Pistachio standing milk with amaretto and white chocolate crumbs
  • Handmade lemon sorbet with selection of aromatic wodka