• Argentine rump Carpaccio
  • Loin cubes in watercress salad
  • Angus Roast Beef, caramelised red onions and Marsala reduction
  • “Oca Bianca” single mixed starter
  • Mixed “Oca Bianca” appetiser to share
  • Tomato waffle and fried anchovies

First Courses

  • Cavatelli in Carbonara Oca Bianca style
  • Durum wheat spaghetti with fresh tomato
  • Potato gnocchi with primo sale and PDO pesto
  • ‘Buttons’ stuffed with Fassona meat sauce

Second Courses

  • Vallespulga cockerel
  • ‘Black piglet ’Coppa
  • Piedmontese Fassona fillet
  • Filet Rossini in the ‘Oca Bianca’ style
  • Foie-gras
  • Filet of Fassona in Chateaubriand style
  • T-Bone of Fassona from Piedmont

Homemade desserts

  • Oca Bianca Tiramisu
  • Dark chocolate soufflé
  • Coconut Standing Milk
  • Artisanal Basil Sorbet PDO of Prà
  • Fruit salad, ice cream